Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you have a bad case of the winter blues?

Do you have a bad case of the winter blues?

Do you have a bad case of the winter blues? It seems when those cold winter days get shorter, colder and darker, many people are over whelmed by a sense of melancholy or depression . If so, you’re not alone and data suggests that Twenty percent of the people in the United States react to the change of seasons with a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short. Symptoms typically arise in the fall and winter months, but those who are not exposed to sunlight during the day may experience SAD all year long.

I have detailed some simple steps to take to alleviate some of the symptoms ,obviously if symptoms persist you should see a doctor.

First take charge of your mood. There are usually three troublesome feelings: hopelessness, depression and anxiety. While these uncomfortable feelings can interfere with the quality of your life, there are things you can do to feel better and avoid feeling down. The first step is to acknowledge the feelings and then commit to doing whatever it takes to alter your mood. Take charge of your emotions; don’t let your mood take charge of you.

Turn negative thoughts into positive. Negative thoughts have a tendency to increase the more you focus on them. Its best to recognize this is just the seasonality effecting you and replace the negative thought with a more positive point of view. There are many different ways to handle feeling down but recognizing its the season and giving the benefit of the doubt or not assuming the wost can be a good start. You have to make and effort to be positive.

Don’t Hide or isolate yourself. If you have a tendency is to hide away and keep sadness to yourself, when you’re feeling down, then you might need to change this habit. Isolation only increases hopelessness and makes your anxiety grow. Reach out to friends. Make dates for walking and talking. Getting some exercise and fresh air can help. Push yourself to go out and get out in the world.

Rest, sleep, nap and move your body. To feel in balance we need rest and movement. People with SAD may need as much as 10 hours of sleep in the winter , but its also important to counter that with some exercise whether its the gym or a brisk walk motion wand activity with change your mood.

Let the sun shine ,sit in bright light. A specialized light box designed to mimic sunshine will kick-start your brain chemicals without the side effects of medication. Its best to make your home sunny and bright. Keep the blinds open, sit by the window, burn good-smelling candles. Creating a cozy home will help you feel safe, warm and ready to socialize.For a quick fix for some hit the tanning salon but always take precautions.

Upbeat music and an inspiring audio book can be calming and energizing. In the morning put on energizing music and at night play calming sounds. Listening to a book on tape that is entertaining and educational. The soothing sounds or the focus on other issues may distract you from anxieties.

And finally be “grateful”. It sounds old fashioned but it is not to be over looked or under estimated and counting your blessings is the quickest cure for hopelessness. When you feel the seasonal blues overtake you, don’t let those momentary thoughts and feelings stop you from being grateful. List five things that you are grateful for each day. The repetition will have a tendency to reprogram you and change your state of being .

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Jasmine Revolution" hails the New age of Openness

"Jasmine Revolution" hails the New age of Openness
Big Brother is Dead !
James Foytlin

Many commentators have missed the point and seem utterly shocked by the recent "Jasmine Revolution" . There has been a much propagated myth the in the west that Muslims,Arabs and other people of the mid-east choose to live in Tyrannies by design and not by coercion. The main stream media has used this myth for years to justify the west's failure to confront Muslim extremest tyranny in any and all forms. Western apologists simply claim that Islamic culture demands  authoritarianism  and we most except and submit to it in order to get along. whether its a dictator that offers bribes of cheap oil or assistance on the latest terror plot or a terror group looking to undermine many of the core values of western civilization the media and the political leadership of the west have looked to avoid confrontation at all cost in almost an institutionalized form of cowardice.

The act of the "Jasmine Revolution " first in Tunisia , now Egypt and spreading throughout the Arab world is the very rejection of that myth. It seems after all  that Arab youth yearn for same Freedom, Individual liberty and self determination like the rest of us.

While most of the US media ignores or underplays the significance of the "Jade Revolution"  some continue to speculate on fears of another reactionary Islamic state taking over . Yes there is some chance that this could happen, but these people are not in the streets begging for more tyranny , they have taken to the streets because they have finally had enough . But you say what about the Islamic Revolution in Iran ,that my friend points out the very significant difference between then and now; the internet.

The enemy of all despots is mass communication via mobile device and the mass adaption of the Internet .It is a huge difference from prior generations and now becoming one of the most significant developments in governance as well as in human history .Most of the main stream media and their vested interests have once again missed the point , that openness is here to stay and not going away anytime soon.

It also comes as no surprise that Tunisia would lead that way ,after all for many years it was an oasis of openness in north Africa with western TV and more importantly broad band Internet access . These are the first revolutions of the 21st century Internet generation and they know how the rest of the world lives and what the rest of the world thinks . Long gone are the days when a statist government can control all the inputs .This also points to a further assumption ,that perhaps big brother and or tyranny is obsolete in this tech drive age of openness .

Friday, January 28, 2011

Village Council Reaches New Parking Solution

Village Council Reaches New Parking Solution
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ - The Village Council has finally come to a decision on new parking fee's for the CBD or Central Business District shopping area. The council has agreed to adjust the parking fee structure in Ridgewood. The new parking fee's will take effect as soon as new signs are made.

The plan keeps street parking at the current 50 cents an hour, but reduces the cost in municipal lots to the old rate of 25 cents per hour. Hours of enforcement will also remain the same, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.There will be no more free parking in municipal lots on Saturdays.

The council also rolled out a A new innovation to be implemented by the village. the UP System or Unlimited Parking System, The UP System will allow a commuter, resident or downtown employee to purchase a "placard" to place on their rear view mirror that permits them to park in certain areas where there is a meter. The proposed parking pass would tentatively cost $1,300 per year.
Details still need to be worked out.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cancer Scientist Loses Two Years of Critical Research When Laptop Stolen

Cancer Scientist Loses Two Years of Critical Research When Laptop Stolen

A cautionary tale for all of us who from time to time get lazy about backing up our data. Cancer scientist Sook Shin’s laptop was stolen with over two years of critical cancer research when she and her husband stopped in at a Panera Bread in Oklahoma City. Computers can be replaced, but the two years of research on prostate cancer which Shin had not backed up won’t be so easy to recover and potentially cost lives.

Shin claims that the research on her computer had the power to save millions. Sadly, she had not even recorded the laptop’s serial number, or done any data backups so there’s very little chance that police can track down the device or recover her data.

Once again when it comes to losing electronic files its not a matter of if ,it is simply a matter of when. Your files probably don't contain the cure for cancer, but your own personal or business data is uniquely your own and you’ll be sorry perhaps even out of business if you are not able to access or restore your files. According to PCIC Backup Solutions based in Paramus New Jersey ,"There’s no question your systems are going to fail at some point with resulting loss of data – “it’s a 100 percent certainty.” The only question is when. And businesses that don’t adequately protect their data will inevitably suffer."